Breed Info

Also known as the Epagneul Bleu de Picardie or Long-legged Spaniel, the Blue Picardy Spaniel is a French pointing dog.
Towards the end of the nineteenth century, hunters and dogs from Great Britain crossed the English Channel to hunt in France. The Picardie marshes and Brittany’s sandy moors became the favourite hunting grounds of many setter and spaniel owners. When the British quarantine was implemented (effectively prohibiting the re-entry of their dogs into Great Britain), many hunters boarded their setters on Picardie farms. Consequently, the Picard Spaniels were crossed with Gordon and blue Belton English Setters and the Blue Picardy Spaniel was the result.
Based on it’s coat and skin colouring, it was established as a separate breed in 1935. The dog is excellent in water, possesses a good nose and loves to point and will retrieve game. He hunts almost instinctively, with an untiring attitude and is able to travel great distances at a steady pace.

The Blue Picardy Spaniel has a distinctive look with a royal appearance. It is a muscular dog, weighing in between 55 to 65 lbs and growing to a height of 22-24 inches making it one of the larger/taller spaniels in the Sporting Group.
Visually, he is a completely balanced dog, with the body slightly longer than it is tall. He stands well up at the shoulder on straight forelegs with a top-line sloping slightly toward strong, muscular quarters with a slightly curved tail falling off the croup.
The head is cleanly chiselled and refined, with a moderate stop. The face is very expressive with eyes that are dark, large, and wide.
He is a dog capable of considerable speed, combined with great endurance. In action show a keen inclination to work and loves to retrieve and set for game in any type of weather. In between hunts, it only needs moderate exercise requirements.
Easily trained, kind, willing and very adaptable, the Blue Picardy make wonderful companions as they are always eager to please their owners and love attention.

The ideal height at the withers for an adult dog is 22-24 inches, while an adult female may be slightly smaller. Weight ranges from 55-65 lbs.

On the head, short and fine; on the body, thick and flat or slightly wavy medium length hair with a slightly coarse texture. The ears, chest, tail, front legs and back legs from the hock down are feathered.
The Blue Picardy also possess skin that has a blue shade rather than the brown pigmentation found in other gundog breeds.

The distinctive “blueish” coat is roan in nature, made up of white, grey & black hair with solid black patches of various sizes. Roaning ranges in shades from blue-grey to blue black to almost black. The puppies are born white with black patches and the roaning colour develops as they mature.
Very large solid white patches are not desired.