Best Cage for Lovebirds

If you are one of those who have considered taking care of lovebirds, you understand quite well that like other bird pets, you will need to keep them in the best cage for lovebirds. This bird house needs to be of the right size for your pet birds to remain comfortable and enjoy every day that they need to remain inside the cage. It should not restrict them from stretching their wings, even flying from one end to the other. Otherwise, your pet birds will soon feel stressed, which could later affect its behavior and its overall health.

If you are still unsure which cage to buy for your lovebird, this guide may just provide the information that you need.

Guide When Choosing the Best Cage for Lovebirds

Cage for Lovebirds

Lovebirds are just like any other human beings. They need a place not only to keep them warm and cozy, but the right space to keep them safe. It is not just any space where you can let these birds fly off and let droppings all over the place. It should be a space where they will feel that they are inside their second home.

Birds are an amazing companion. They are not only good to look at, but they can also lift your spirit with their natural behavior. And in their natural habitat, they fly around and thrive with other birds. A space that will make them feel restricted will only create a stressful environment for them that may trigger unnecessary behavior that you may later regret. So, even before you consider bringing a lovebird in your home, make sure that you already have the right cage for it.

Size of the cage for lovebirds. Opt for one that will allow your pet bird to fly openly. A single lovebird will feel comfortable inside a cage that measures about two by two feet. A bigger cage will always be the best choice.

Bar spacing. Birds are smart creatures. They can easily get out from a cage, so you have to make sure that you would pick a cage that are designed with bars that are welded to have a distance that is close enough to keep your bird from squeezing itself out of its cage. Make sure that the cage’s latches are secured as these birds can really be great escape artists whenever they feel they need to get out of a restricting space.

Accessories for the cage. Lovebirds love to fly around from one branch to another. It will be great to have some good perches where your birds can rest. There are many cages that come designed with these accessories, though. Others even have layers which can serve several other purposes other than just a rest for these birds’ feet. If you would opt for a bare cage, you need to make sure to look for some good perches. Swings, ladders, bamboos, and so on are good options.

You will also need the right bird feed tray and water bowl for your birds. However you would like to design your birds’ sanctuary, you need to make sure that everything in it will be safe enough for your fragile pets.

Maintaining Your Lovebirds’ Cage

You would not want your birds’ sanctuary to gross out others whenever they pass by near it. However, tedious cleaning your birds’ cage can be, it is a responsibility that comes in owning pets that should not be neglected. No matter how tough cleaning bars, cracks and every other opening may be, you need to make sure that remain properly cleaned. No matter how tough cleaning bars, cracks and every other opening may be, you need to make sure that remain properly cleaned.

Lining for your birds’ cage with untreated layers of paper or paper towels with the right grate that separates the bird’s main space from the bottom of the cage. Have the linings peeled off once whenever necessary within the day to maintain the cleanliness of the cage. This can also help keep the cage free from droppings as well as fungal spores.

In the end it is not just about providing the best cage for lovebirds, but sticking to a cleaning schedule can save your resources and also help ensure that your pet birds in their best shape all the time. It can even add years to your birds’ life, so it is really one thing that should be a priority next to providing an appropriate living space for your birds.