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What kind of temperament does the Blue Picardy have?
Amazing! While we know that all breeds can rave about temperament, these dogs DO possess an incredible disposition.
They love their people and are sensitive, sweet, loyal and loving,
with a special affinity for children. At the same time they are a very instinctive hunting breed, endowed with passion, intelligence and focus, and are easily trained. These dogs love their people and are
at home in both the field and the house and are not kennel dogs.

Does the Blue Picardy shed?
Yes. We won't lie to you, they are of spaniel/setter descent so they do go through seasonal shedding, and may have light shedding in-between.

How much grooming do they need?
Not a lot. The coat should be brushed weekly, with some extra brushing throughout their seasonal shed. The feathering round the toes and pads may need an occasional trim, but otherwise their coats are easy care. A quick wipe and brush and any mud and wet come right off.

What else can I do with a Blue Picardy if I do not hunt?
Given their trainability, athleticism, and their willingness to please, Blue Picardys are well suited for any number of other activities such as agility, obedience, tracking and therapy dogs.
Of course, if lying on the couch curled up with a book is your favourite pastime, your Blue Picardy will easily adapt to that activity as well!

Does the Blue Picardy have any health concerns?
The Blue Picardy is a rare breed and has not been excessively bred. Because of this, the breed currently has very few health concerns. As it is a large dog, hips and elbows are always checked and eye problems may sometimes occur. Breeding dogs have their hips and eyes cleared prior to breeding in order to keep this breed as healthy as possible.

Is the Blue Picardy a barking breed?
No, the Blue Picardy is not a talkative breed. It may bark as a protective measure to warn off strangers but overall is not excessively noisy.

Does the Blue Picardy get along with cats/small pets/other dogs?
These dogs can co-exist very well with other pets. When training, make sure to let your puppy know that any chasing of cats or other animals is not acceptable and they will catch on very quickly.

Is the Blue Picardy a recognized breed?
Yes, the Blue Picardy is fully recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club.
It is not recognized by the American Kennel Club.

Where can I get a Blue Picardy puppy?
Currently, there are only a handful of breeders in Canada, so puppies are spoken for very quickly and you may have to wait for your pup. France/Europe have a fairly flourishing Blue Picardy community and have exported dogs to Canada.

What is the Blue Picardy Spaniel Club of Canada?
The BPSCC is currently a fanciers club for owners and admirers of the BPS. It is hoped that this club will be the foundation for an officially recognized breed club in the future.